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Small Business

User Agencies

Government Wide Acquisition Contract

Contract Number

75N98120D00049 (Small Business)

Contract Period

Extends until July 2022

Contract Type

Firm Fixed Price, Time & Materials, Cost Plus Fixed Fee, Cost Plus Award Fee, Multiple Award IDIQ

Prompt Payment Terms

NET 30​

Points of Contact

Kathy Blanck

(214) 827-3327

Patty Hanzl
Program Manager

General Information

(214) 827-3327

Awarded Task Areas
  • Task Area 1 – IT Services for Biomedical Research, Health Sciences, and Healthcare

  • Task Area 2 – Chief Information Officer (CIO) Support

  • Task Area 3 – Imaging

  • Task Area 4 – Outsourcing

  • Task Area 5 – IT Operations and Maintenance

  • Task Area 6 – Integration Services

  • Task Area 7 – Critical Infrastructure Protection and Information Assurance

  • Task Area 8 – Digital Government

  • Task Area 9 – Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Task Area 10 – Software Development

Commitment to Quality

Vignon has delivered quality IT solutions and services for state, local, and federal agencies for over 20 years. Our Mission, Vision and Values enable us to deliver quality-based information technology solutions and create essential value in being a trusted partner through a focus on excellence in people, quality and innovation. We achieve our vision of excellence by conducting our business with the highest principles of integrity and ethical behavior, defining who we are, how we want to be known and how we want to work with our employees, customers and partners – Accountability, Integrity, Respect and Teamwork.

To meet the span of requirements and resources required by HHS under CIO-SP3, Vignon was carefully selected for their proven success in providing innovative and cost-effective solutions and services.

CIO-SP3 Overview

NITAAC intends to award multiple IDIQ contracts for acquiring a wide range of Information Technology (IT) products, services, and solutions for the Institutes and Centers (ICs) of the NIH, for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and for all other federal agencies. The focus of a CIO-SP3 Small Business GWAC is to give qualified small businesses a greater opportunity to proactively address issues deemed vital to the federal government and specifically to provide health and biomedical-related IT services in support of federal agencies’ health missions. Through this procurement, NITAAC will provide multiple, non-mandatory Task Order contracts with improved response time and at equitable and reasonable prices to our customers. The geographic scope of this requirement includes the Continental United States and abroad.

This Statement of Work (SOW) is intended to outline the general requirements required of contractors under CIO-SP3 Small Business. Specific details of task assignments, deliverables, documentation, training, applicable government/department/industry standards, etc., will be provided within individual task orders.

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